What does ELEC.BACKP mean on an Edel?


Issue:  ELEC.BACKP showing on screen

What this means: The electric back up immersion element is running. It is not a fault.

If the compressor is running at the same time as the words ELEC.BACKP onscreen are shown, then it is likely the setting "TºC min = 43C" is active. This setting will run the compressor and the immersion element together at the same time, if the water drops below 38C, to automatically aid quicker re-heat times. Once 43C is reached, the immersion element switches off, leaving just the compressor running until the desired water temperature is reached. Note that ELEC.BACKP will not occur if the timer is in ECO or F/P mode - it must be in COMF mode.

To switch off this function, press MENU, turn dial to "Inst.Menu" then hold MENU & CLOCK buttons down until the screen changes. Go to settings -> TºC Min and set to "no".

Note if you have your Edel set as a language other than English the error may display as - 

APPT.ELEC (French) 

ZUSH.ELEKT (German) 

INT.RESIS (Italian) 

GRZA LKA E (Polish) 


APY O_ELEC(Spanish) 

EL Z AL_ZD (Slovakian)

EL_G RELEC (Slovene) 

EL Z AL_ZD   (Czech) 

ELEK.GRIJ (Croatian) 

APOI ELET (Portuguese) 

EL TILSK (Norwegian) 

 ELEK.UTANF (Hungarian) 

MOD.ELEKT (Albanian) 

ELEK.GREJ (Serbian) 

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Applicable Models:

EDL170-520, EDL170-520RF, EDL200UK-630, EDL200UK-630RF, EDL270UK-630, EDL270UK-630RF

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