How do I check if my storage heater has asbestos or not?

The following information is regarding storage heaters containing asbestos and a list of models both known to of been manufactured with asbestos as well as those free from asbestos. This information is everything we have available. If after reading this information you are still unsure then you must treat your heater as potentially containing asbestos. If you are looking to remove your heaters we recommend you seek a professional who can uninstall them and is equipped to safely deal with and dispose of asbestos. 



Dimplex Storage Heaters Manufactured with Asbestos

Dimplex Limited, manufactured the following Storage Heaters incorporating asbestos based thermal insulating materials between 1964 and 1967:-

Models Containing Asbestos:

DSH150 DSH44 DSH34 DSH225 DSH45 DSH35 DSH300 DSH46 DSH38 DSH42 DSH48 DSH310 DSH43 DSH33 DSR44 DSR42 DSR43

These heaters had distinctive round corners, and the model number is stated on the rating label of the heater.

Dimplex Storage Heaters Manufactured without Asbestos

The following Dimplex Heaters DO NOT incorporate asbestos insulating materials with the approximate 1st year model was manufactured:

All Pre-1970:

HB 8/200, HB 8/260 & HB 8/330

HB 8/200, HB 8/260 & HB 8/330

DS 8/200, DS 8/260 & DS 8/330

HB 11/150, HB 11/225 & HB 11/300

HB 11/150, HB 11/225 & HB 11/300

DS 11/150, DS 11/225 & DS 11/300

1970 - D81, DA82, DA83 

1970 - DFC85

1970 - DFB84 

1972 - DA81, DA82, DA83 

1972 - HC81, HC82 HC83 

1980 - SC12, SC18, SC24

1980 - EC12, EC18, EC24 

1983 - XT12, XT18, XT23

1983 - XTE12, XTE18, XTE24 

1986 - CXT12, CXT18, CXT24

1986 - CXTE12, CXTE18, CXTE24 

1990 - XLT6

1987 - XL12, XL18, XL24 

1988 - XLE12, XLE18, XLE24 

1988 - CXL12, CXL18, CXL24 

1992 - XLS12, XLS18, XLS24 

1992 - XL12N, XL18N & XL24N (N) 

1991/2 - FCX18, FCX24 

1993 - FCXA18, FCXA24 

1994 - XL6N, XLS6N 

1997 - FXL18 FXL24 

2003 - DuoHeat (i) - DUO300i, DUO400i & DUO500i

2009 - DuoHeat (N) DUO300N, DUO400N & DUO500N 

2012 - Quantum, QM050, QM070, QM100, QM125, QM150

2018 - XLE, XLE050, XLE070, XLE100, XLE125, XLE150

2020 - Quantum RF, QM050RF, QM070RF, QM100RF, QM125RF, QM150RF

If your model cannot be found in the above list, further information may be obtainable from: 




Unidare Heaters Manufactured with Asbestos 

Unidare products containing asbestos include:





HCS - Models manufactured prior to 20th September 1973 

The change over to serial numbers which are free from asbestos:

HCS 16 009259

HCS 21 022634

HCS 27 030215

Unidare Heaters Manufactured without Asbestos 

SA Range

SF Range

WF Range

WM Range

WMX Range

MS Range



Electricaire Units; The last 2 digits of the serial number indicate the year of manufacture. All units made after 1974 are asbestos free. Electricaire Units are sometimes referred to as Comfortaire heaters but NOT to be confused with the Comfortair heater (spelling). Comfortair was formerly the Redring Sunstore heater.

377 "E" type (distinguished by being a grey coloured unit)

"S" Type heater (distinguished by being a chimney breast shape)

"SF 6" Type (chimney breast)

"SB Type" (chimney breast)

Important Notes:

The above storage / storage fan heaters and E Type Heaters contained medium density semi-rigid insulation slabs of "Caposil HTI", situated more normally as base insulation of the core box containing the storage bricks. This material contained 10/15% brown asbestos (Ammosite), the balance being harmless calcium silicate.

Some of the heaters also contained a piece of Asbestolux (asbestos cement board). This contained 16/25% brown asbestos and a small un-quantified amount of white asbestos (Chrysolite).

The "S", "SF6", and "SB" Electricaire heaters contain a small sheet of "Viceroy" (Asbestos paper and aluminium foil corrugations 1" thick) in the warm air unit where the fans would be situated), either side of the fan unit.


Further Advice

The above information if everything we have available. If you are unsure or have any reason to suspect your heater might contain asbestos ensure you seek a professional who can uninstall your heaters and is equipped to safely deal with and dispose of asbestos.

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